The Kona Dump Is Authorizing 100% Water Deprivation And 100% Food Deprivation To Slowly Dehydrate, Starve And Kill 100-150 Abandoned Cats – WHERE’S THE ALOHA?

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha

As of 04/26/2021, The Kona Dump will, until a permanent solution is reached, allow cat feeding to continue – Thanks to one and all who called with their care and concerns. I think everyone agrees that the cats at the dump need a better solution, place to live and access to food, water and shelter.

After Permitting Feeding For More Than 30 Years The Kona Dump Now (Suddenly) Says
Cats Can No Longer Be Fed On Their Property And Must Be Left To Die
Without Food Or Water

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Over 30 Years Of Care And Love: If you have ever been to the Kealakehe Transfer Station and Recycling Center you may have noticed cats, lots of cats. This area has been a ‘dumping’ ground for unwanted house pets for years. Local saint Liz has fed these cats, out of her own pocket, for over 30 years.

The Dump’s Solution? Arrest That Saint: After more than three decades the Kona dump has informed Liz that these cats are on the property of the Kealakehe Transfer Station and Recycling Center and she is trespassing. They have told her she can not feed nor water nor provide any medical care for these cats. The Kona dump employees advising (nicely – they are simply caring out their directive from their department heads) that anyone attempting to feed, water or care for the cats will be arrested for trespassing. So, how do they solve their problem, by arresting the saint, and letting the cats slowly die in the hot sun. Sure, is that really the Hawaiian way?

Furthermore, if the cats die because of lack of food, water or care, the Kona employee told me, “It’s not my fault.” Gosh, whose fault is it?

Many/Most Of The Cats Were Once Pets: The dump argues the cats are all feral. The cats aren’t all feral, in fact most of them were simply abandoned by humans no longer wanting to, or able to, care for a cat. Most of the cats have microchips meaning that they belong(ed) to somebody.  Surely there is a law that says you can’t kill pets.

Ask yourself, what feral cat would go to the dump – no water, no shelter, lava to cut their paws and what little (rotten) food is inside giant mechanical compactors. There just aren’t (many) feral cats at the dump – there are many former family cats. The dump wants to inhumanely kill these cats by ignoring them, and by withholding food and water until they die.

Not In My Back Yard – NIMBY:  A dump employee explained to me, “You can still feed the cats just not on our property.” Sure, multiple colonies of cats, conditioned to feeding in the same place for years, are suddenly going to figure out they have to move 100+ yards into a more highly car-trafficked area to get food. 

Next time you drive to the dump, look around to see innocent cats in agony. The cats didn’t get the memo that all food and water will be withheld because someone thought that would make the dump look better.

Shame on the dump!

Who can you call to voice your concern for this inhumane treatment? 

CALL The Kona dump – they don’t respond to emails. (808) 936-6497 Please be polite, the employees are simply doing as directed, but express your outrage and concern.

CALL The  County of Hawai’i Department of Environmental Resources  www.hawaiizerowaste.org › 
County of Hawai’i Program, Contact Info. Solid Waste Administrative Services: (808) 961-8270 ask for Greg or Tina. Please be polite, the employees are simply doing as directed, but express your outrage and concern.

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Call the Kona Mayor’s Office  
74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Highway, Bldg C
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 Please be polite, the employees are simply doing as directed, but express your outrage and concern.

Use social media.

Facebook: himayormitch

Instagram: @himayormitch

Twitter: @himayormitch

Call West Hawaii Today Phone Number: (808) 329-9311 and contact the local paper via the West Hawaii Today website

A Human Abandoned Me At The Kona Dump… Can You Share Your Aloha? (808) 323-4444 74-5044

I Don’t Even Know My Name: I am not really sure what my name is… It’s been a long since I have had a home. Most days, I don’t have any water, food, shelter, love, or care.  A human abandoned me at the Kealakehe Transfer Station – just dumped me here, like trash. I didn’t deserve that. I sleep on the lava rocks whether it is hot or raining. I have no shelter… ever.

You Can Call Me Scruffy: A couple of friendly humans that feed me, call me Scruffy, and I respond. 

I Have Some Humans That Help: They live pretty far away and they can’t make it every day… I understand and that’s okay. Plus, they have already adopted three of my best friends in less than a year. A great big PURRING MAHALO to them!!!

It’s so hot and dusty that I can’t even lick my fur to clean myself. I am a mess and haven’t had a proper wash (excluding rain storms) in years.

Post Script –  after writing this, Scruffy was run over by a car and died.


Kealakehe Transfer Station

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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