How Many Hurricanes Have Impacted Hawaii?

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How Many Hurricanes Have Impacted Hawaii?

Is your family prepared for a hurricane? Click here to learn how to prepare yourself, your family, your property, and your business from the next hurricane. Below is a list of notable hurricanes that have impacted Hawaii:

  • Hurricane Dot (1959): Category 1 hurricane that made landfall on Kauai, causing minor damage.
  • Hurricane Iwa (1982): Category 1 hurricane that affected Kauai and Niihau, causing significant damage and leaving thousands homeless.
  • Hurricane Iniki (1992): Category 4 hurricane that hit Kauai, causing extensive damage and claiming six lives.
  • Hurricane Iselle (2014): Tropical storm that made landfall on the Big Island, causing widespread damage, power outages, and flooding.

Most hurricanes miss Hawaii because the islands are located in a region with cooler ocean temperatures and stable atmospheric conditions, which are unfavorable for hurricane development. Additionally, the islands’ position in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by vast expanses of water, makes it less likely for hurricanes to directly impact them.

A rainy day in the Kona Cloud Forest.

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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