Can You Share Your Aloha With A Blind, Abandoned Cat Living At The Kona Dump? Please Share This.

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha

A Human Abandoned Me At The Kona Dump… Can You Share Your Aloha?


** Updated: The precious blind kitty has found a new forever home!! **

But… There are now some cute, beautiful baby kittens that now require a home as well.

I Don’t Even Know My Name: I am not really sure what my name is… It’s been a long time since I have had a home. Most days, I don’t have any water, food, shelter, love, or care. 

I Am NOT Feral. I Was Abandoned DUMPED. A human discarded me at the Kealakehe Transfer Station (aka the Kona dump) – just dumped me here, like trash. I am sorry that I am blind, but I didn’t deserve that.

I now sleep on the lava rocks whether it’s hot or raining. I have no shelter… ever.

I can’t see food and when it is placed down, I have to tap my paws until I feel the food, then I can eat it. That is… until the other cats bully me and eat the food. But I understand because they are hungry too.

Even though I live outside, I want to be friendly. I am just so scared because I can’t see.

I Have Some Humans That Help: They live pretty far away and they can’t make it every day… I understand and that’s okay. Plus, they have already adopted two three four of my best friends in less than a year. A great big PURRING MAHALO to them!!!

It’s so hot and dusty that I can’t even lick my fur to clean myself. I am a mess and haven’t had a proper wash (excluding rain storms) in some time. I know I won’t like a bath, but I desperately need one to get all of the dust and dirt and grime out of my fur.

I Need A Home, A Safe Home! Can you share your aloha, your love with me?

Two links on how to work with a blind cat PetAssure and Vet Specialists.

FYI – The most informative Facebook post I received. “To all reading this post: Blind cats are just cats. They act just like a cat. My precious Simon was born without eyes and survived outdoors for 7 months. He easily finds his food and has zero issues with getting about. He plays a mean game of bathtub ping pong. His other senses have compensated for his lack of eyesight but sometimes I think he “sees” better than I do. He is nothing short of amazing. Do not be concerned about the blindness. Simon doesn’t know he’s blind, he just knows he’s loved. Adopt this precious cat, please. Give him a chance.”

Hawaii counties

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Do you know someone who could take me home?

Please, please share this post where you can.

I am a very good cat. I just want to be someone special to you. Can you be my special savior?

Kealakehe Transfer Station



MORE ABANDONED CATS: I understand that rescuing a blind cat can be a challenge in more ways than one. Even if you can’t adopt me, perhaps you can adopt one of my friends? They can see just fine and are not in need of any special care, unlike me. Here are some of them! 


Tux is a male tuxedo cat who loves to let the mongooses know that he’s the boss. While he is free-spirited, he is also very affectionate and loves to get and give attention whenever and wherever he can!  He like to walk between your legs, could be an indoor kitty, but if outdoors, needs a safe place.

Hawaii counties

Tortie is a female tabby-tortie cat (a mix between a tabby and a tortoiseshell coat) with a great, great, great personality! As I’m sure you know, tabby-tortie cats tend to be very intelligent and affectionate and she certainly is. She’s already been spayed and all she needs is a forever home to live out her playful days with. Can you spare some aloha for Tortie?

Kealakehe Transfer Station

Mr. T is a great guy! This tabby cat thinks he’s dog and follows the nice people who feed us all around. I know he used to be a housecat because he’s just so friendly. In addition to an outstanding personality, he’s got a super soft coat so he’s a joy to pet. Do you have room in your heart for Mr. T? A great cat, just needs that special person.

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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