Bridge on the River Kwai

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Traffic Jam – Kona Style…
Bridge on the River Kwai


If You Are A Kona Local: You probably have driven this road that connects Hienaloli Road to Nani Kailua Drive. The road used to be used by donkeys to transport goods. It is just three miles from downtown Kailua-Kona, but it looks third-world. There is a surprising amount of traffic that uses this ‘shortcut.’

Bridge on the River Kwai


Bridge on the River Kwai: This was a 1957 old movie (I always thought the movie was Bridge Over The River Kwai). British POWs are ordered by their Japanese captors to construct a bridge of strategic importance and are happy to sabotage and delay the progress until their commanding officers order them to continue the work unhindered to its completion, but are his actions tantamount to collaborating with the enemy?

Bridge on the River Kwai – Kona: I used that movie title to name a portion of a street at about 700 feet in elevation. This road looks like it was hastily constructed and has had little maintenance. 

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Hawaii County, Hawaii

This road is just about as wide as a large SUV. It is hard to tell from the picture below, but the Bridge on the River Kwai drops at least eight feet, straight down on both sides. If you walk the road, you can frequently see nails and screws that have been bumped off of a contractor’s truck (I had a tire punctured).

Kailua, Hawaii County, Hawaii

Sadly, don’t leave your vehicle unattended on this road…

River Kwai

FYI – Information about abandoned vehicles on the Big Island, Hawai’i.

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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