A Human Abandoned Me At The Kona Dump – Can You Share Your Aloha?

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha

A Human Abandoned Me At The Kona Dump… Can You Share Your Aloha?

I Don’t Even Know My Name: I am not really sure what my name is… It’s been a long since I have had a home. Most days, I don’t have any water, food, shelter, love, or care.  A human abandoned me at the Kealakehe Transfer Station – just dumped me here, like trash. I didn’t deserve that. I sleep on the lava rocks whether it is hot or raining. I have no shelter… ever.

You Can Call Me Scruffy: A couple of friendly humans that feed me, call me Scruffy, and I respond. 

I Have Some Humans That Help: They live pretty far away and they can’t make it every day… I understand and that’s okay. Plus, they have already adopted three of my best friends in less than a year. A great big PURRING MAHALO to them!!!

It’s so hot and dusty that I can’t even lick my fur to clean myself. I am a mess and haven’t had a proper wash (excluding rain storms) in years.

Water Is Scarce – Can You Give Me The Unused Portion Of Your Water Bottle? If you go to the dump and are short on time, can you pour the contents of your water bottle into my water dish? Please…

Here is my best friend… He needs help too!

Here Is A Map Of Where I Live. I hide all day because of all the traffic, loud noises, and filth. Also, there is an issue of safety… I don’t want to get run over by a speeding car.

There Are (At Least) Three Tribes Of Abandoned Cats: There are three groups of us here. I am in the bushes between the electronic recycling and the police station. If I see you stop, I will come out because I am starving, but I am friendly. There are another 10+ friends that live with me in these bushes.

If You Can Only Save One Cat, Save One Of The Kittens: Another group of “trash kitties” live on the right as you pull in. They are even more scared than my group. They also have 10+ cats plus two really young kittens. I am very worried about them! They are always the last to eat, if there is any food left after the other hungry cats and the mongoose eat. If you can only save one cat, save one of the kittens please! 

You will only see this group very early (before 7:00 am) or later in the day (after 5:30 pm) because once traffic starts, they get so scared that they hide until the noise subsides. The baby kittens will be the last to show themselves.

The Third Tribe: A third group has just four cats. A black “ready-to-be-a-lap-cat” nicknamed Baby. A woman who feeds her says Baby is about three years old. The woman knows this because she has been feeding Baby ever since she was a kitten. The woman thinks if Baby were to be adopted, she should be an outside cat but I think Baby is ready to be a full-time, love-you-forever indoor cat!

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Everybody thinks Baby would make a great lap cat for a human with patience and love.

There is another black cat (called Baby’s Twin) and two gray cats, creatively named “Gray Kitty” and “Second Gray Kitty.” Second Gray Kitty is really, really friendly and her picture is below.

Why Not Capture The Cats And Take Them To The Hawaii Island Humane Shelter? The Kona Shelter is right next to where all the abandoned cats live. But there are so many dogs and cats always waiting to be adopted that some (many) of them are just euthanized… They don’t have the resources to be a no-kill facility.  If you catch me or one of my friends and dropped us at the shelter, there is a good chance that we won’t be alive in a week or two.

We Want To Be Adopted: Having said that, if you do catch us, AND you want to ADOPT us, you can take any of us to the Hawaii Island Humane Society shelter. After you drop us off, you’ll pay a small fee ($35 – that will keep us from being killed) to have us spayed or neutered, get our shots, and get us a microchip. We can then go home with you a few days after that! It’s much cheaper than going to a traditional veterinarian to get us our shots and to be fixed. 

Hawaii Island Humane Society: 78-6767 Mamalahoa Hwy, Holualoa, HI 96725

  • Directions:  Kona shelter at 329-1175.
  • Hours of Operation: 9 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays and Holidays. Note: Adoptions end 30 minutes before close.

Can You Help? Can You Share This With A Friend? If you are driving by and have half a water bottle, can you please pour it into our water dish? Fresh, clean water is hard to come by for us.

If you can spare some food, we will be forever grateful.

If you can find us a home, we will love you forever.





Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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