Locals With Business – Daylight Mind Coffee Company, Kona, HI – Ranked Top 16 In US

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The Best 16 Coffee Shops in America – Daylight Mind

Departures Magazine, the official magazine for the American Express Platinum Card has selected the 
The Best 16 Coffee Shops in America and one of the best coffee shops is in Kona.


Daylight Mind Coffee Company, Kona, HI

From Departures website, “Daylight Mind has three Hawaii coffee shops, and each serves coffee sourced 100% from Kona, Maui, or Oahu. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows a significant amount of coffee beans, and at Daylight, you can taste the best local varieties on offer.”

There Is Even A Higher Endorsement Than Departures Magazine: My wife has a neighbor island friend who visits twice a year and a sister who comes once a year. The first place they go, upon arrival, is Daylight Mind. They typically return about three hours later and, since there isn’t a Chippendales nearby, I can only assume they spend all that time enjoying coffee and chat.

You can buy coffee beans via the Daylight Mind website.

And from the Daylight Mind website, “The idea for Daylight Mind was born in the head of one person. However, as new partners joined the party, the challenge of integrating each new personality and vision for the company grew in complexity. Establishing and sticking to an identity, generating a name, and developing a logo has been a rewarding process for us, even when challenging. We value our identity as a company and we’ve found a way to express the passion that drives all of us. We want to share the insight that led us to our name with you.

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America Departures Magazine

Our identity grows from the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution. We take from those time periods the quest for knowledge and the use of logic and science to better understand the world. We are adventurers, exploring the world, gathering data, and pushing the limits of what we thought we knew. The heroes of this time period were not warriors but philosopher-scientists challenging the status quo.

Upon these two cultures do we build our identity. Both show the beauty of human achievement and each has something valuable to learn from. Once we understood this, choosing our name, Daylight Mind, wasn’t too difficult. Daylight Mind is the literal translation of the Hawaiian word for enlightenment, na‘auao. Our name weaves together a love of scientific exploration with a deep respect for the wisdom and strength of its Hawaiian roots.

Our logo integrates these two sides of our identity. On the left side is a symbol of Western exploration: a compass rose. The right side also is a compass: a star compass that visually represents how the Polynesian voyagers use the rising and setting positions of the sun and the stars to guide their canoes on the ocean. This star compass is not stylized, though; the positions of the compass correspond to actual stars that rise in the night sky before our storefront in Kailua-Kona.

Departures Magazine also publishes Travel + Leisure as well as Food & Wine Magazines.

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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