Kilauea: Volcanic Tides 4K Trailer

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha

You’ve experienced the fear of Kilauea, now see the movie…

Volcanic Tides 20-Minute Film  – Experience Kilauea over a two-year lapse as it burns through the island of Hawaii and maps an entirely new landscape.


Here is the one-minute trailer.

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Volcanic Tides 4K Trailer 

Get lost in the mesmerizing force of one of the most relentless volcanos on the planet.

Volcanic Tides is a 20-minute short film covering over 2 years of eruptions at Hawaii’s unique and hyper-active Kilauea Volcano. Using a dynamic mix of time-lapse and real-time cinema, Big Island filmmaker Lance Page shows us a cosmic, cinematic perspective of his home island as it continues to grow. Page’s cinematography is brought to life with a stylish, heavy and haunting synth score by Icelandic/Slovenian artist weneednothingsilence as well as a vivid, molten earth sound mix by Stefan Scott Nelson. 

Mahalo For Sharing Your Aloha
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